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Hi, I suppose it’s about time I put a little about me here. Ok, here goes.

I’m in my early 40’s and reside in Southern England.

I’ve always had an interest in art, mostly pencil and ink sketches at little more than the doodle level however.

Got into computer-based art back at a low level in the 90’s, using Deluxe Paint and Imagine on the Amiga.

After upgrading to PCs, began playing around with a free version of Bryce 2 for a while, but never really developed a deep interest in it.

Roll on several years (to 2003), and I decided to use the PC a bit more productively.

After being thwarted in trying to buy a copy of Bryce 5 in the UK, I remembered another 3D landscape program that I’d had a free demo of – Vue d’Esprit 3.

Taking the plunge, I bought a copy of Vue 4, and from that moment I was hooked, and fell right into the 3D graphics community that I never knew existed.

 I currently use Vue 5 infinite, Poser 6 and Xfrog. I’ve dabbled a bit with Cinema4D (got to love those PC mag coverdisks) and I’ve bought the full versions of Shade and Hexagon, which I’d like to find the time to learn to use. Most of my free time is now spent at Cornucopia3D, where I do a bit as the Gallery & Forum Manager

So there you go, a potted history of me and my art.